The Wall Of Light

by Crescent Moon

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released April 18, 2012




Crescent Moon Aleppo, Syrian Arab Republic

Crescent Moon was formed back in 2008 by Ahmad and Besher as their first musical project.
We started experimenting with extreme music and put out a few singles until 2011 when we were finally comfortable with the sound we've established and began writing the debut EP, which was released in 2012.
Taking off from the final sound of TWoL, we are writing material for our upcoming full-length album.
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Track Name: Alleys Of Negation
They spoke of this embrace
Bones crushed below
The weight of clay
And waters transcending
Among stones and roots
Cleansing my soul
From the chains
Of mortality

I exist in an isthmus
In my own continuum
I lay still
In the most dreaded of waits
One sound would eradicate me
From this unmerciful womb
And lead me to eternity's gates
The divine seven gates
Track Name: Beyond Redemption
A trail painted upon the face of night
a pathway leading towards the wall of light
the gateway to divinity
the sacred sanctuary
the throne

triumph within this torment
knowledge in the binds of woe
a dreadful awareness
that pain is never gone
surrendered to the silence
that ripped the flesh away
a soul in a wretched cosmic
a body made of clay

"and now they call us"

amongst every created soul
I stood and waited
a suffering before the suffering
a circle of burning flames
a road above the fires
the flesh it craves

the heart starts beating faster
the name has been called
judgement in process
eternity in the waiting
but what will it be ?
what will it be ?